Friends of Rotary

Friends and supporters are invited to join us as a ‘Friend of Maidstone Rotary Club’.  If you would like to be kept in touch with our activities, then please contact Terry Kinsman.

What we offer ‘Friends’

·         ‘Friends of Maidstone Rotary Club’ may attend as a guest at up to 4 Rotary (lunch) meetings a year (includes Christmas Lunch)

·         Come to all Club social events (subject to availability of space)

·         Take part in Club fundraising and community service activities

·         Receive a Club Newsletter (currently quarterly)

·         Receive occasional emails on forthcoming Club activities

Who might be a ‘Friend’ of the Club?

Anyone who does not currently wish to be a full member of our Rotary Club, but who would like to be associated with or participate in our social and community activities:

·         Friends of existing Club Members

·         Past Club members who are no longer able to maintain the commitment of full Club membership

·         Potential future new members

·         All partners of deceased Rotary Club Members

·         The Club may award ‘Friendship’ to any person in the community who demonstrates and supports the ideals of Rotary

·         Cost of membership of ‘Friends’

There is no membership fee, but are asked to contribute an annual sum of £15.00 to cover administration (no charge to partners of deceased members).  Any surplus at the end of the year will go to Club funds.  All ‘Friends’ will need to pay the cost of the Club lunches or social activities that they wish to attend.

Relationship to Rotary

‘Friends’ are supporters of the Club, but are not members of Rotary International, and so are not entitled to wear the Rotary Members’ emblem.  They are covered by Club liability insurance for all Rotary Club activities.

If you would like to be included as a Friend, please just send me your details and a cheque for £15.00 (not partners of past Club members) made out to Rotary Club of Maidstone.  I do hope you will join us.